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Relaim. Restore. Revive. ThermiVa.

Often, after childbirth or due to hereditary circumstances, women have enlarged labia or lose vaginal elasticity. These cause considerable discomfort in many aspects of their lives. Now with ThermiVa, a nonsurgical procedure, women can improve their health and vitality. There are several advantages, including alleviating vaginal dryness, improving urinary incontinence, increasing sexual satisfaction, tightening the labia, and decreasing vaginal laxity. Thermal regulation induces collagen production, invigorates blood flow, and revitalizes muscle contractions, resulting in noticeable improvement.  There is a noticeable decrease in infections such as yeast or urinary. The most demanded benefit is the evident reduction of the labia and improved vaginal tightness.

ThermiVa is a breakthrough treatment that can be performed in 30 minutes, in the office. Neither anesthetic nor numbing cream is needed, as the procedure is painless.

By utilizing radio-frequency technology, ThermiVa targets the interior vaginal walls and external labia majora/labia minora. Patients can see improvement after just one visit. However, a series of three treatments are recommended for optimum results. Each session is scheduled at least 4-6 weeks apart.

Excessive stretching of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth or simply due to aging. Damage can diminish sensation during sexual activity, reduce satisfaction, and change the relationship between partners. Laxity of the skin is caused by numerous factors and no area is immune to this natural decline.

Women don’t want to feel as though they’ve lost control of their body – especially when it affects intimate parts of their life. Relationships can pose challenges under the best circumstances; the last thing women need is to struggle as mind and body fight to coincide.

Worldwide, women want to reclaim their younger or “pre-baby” bodies. Restore their satisfaction. Revive their relationships. At Thermi®, we believe women deserve to reclaim, restore, and revive their vulvovaginal youthfulness and well-being.

ThermiVa® treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without discomfort or downtime. “When heated, collagen fibrils will denature and contract, which is believed to lead to the observed tissue tightening.”