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Tampa Bay Rhinoplasty Surgery

Depending on the amount of reshaping that needs to be done, rhinoplasty can be accomplished in two to three hours. First, the skin is separated from the nose and lifted away to expose the bone and cartilage underneath. Those elements are then shaped; afterwards, the skin is replaced and sutured. A splint is applied to help the nose maintain its new shape as it heals. Because the incisions are made on the inside of the nose, the sutures are hidden from view.

If you:

  • Are healthy
  • Have a realistic vision of the end goal
  • Have an asymmetrical nose
  • Have a nose that appears too large for your face
  • Have a nose that is too wide for its length or vice versa
  • Have an overly-upturned or overly-plunging nose
  • Have a crooked or deformed nose
  • Or have very large or very small nostrils
  • Rhinoplasty may be the surgery you need!


Tampa Rhinoplasty Recovery

As part of the completion of the operation, the doctor will put a splint on your nose to help it maintain its new shape. Mild bruising and swelling is normal, but discomfort should be minimal. Often a simple ice compress or over-the-counter pain reliever will handle it. You should attempt to keep your head elevated (above your heart) for the first 24 hours; this may mean sleeping sitting up if at all possible.


Some patients are surprised to notice swelling and bruising around the eyes, which may get worse in the first few days after the operation. This is normal, however, and will subside within a couple of weeks. After one week, the new nose should be strong enough that the splint can be removed. You will have a nosebleed for a few days and a congested nose for a few weeks.

Avoid strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks and contact sports for at least six weeks. Most white-collar patients are able to return safely to work after a week.

If you’ve felt self-conscious about your nose, rhinoplasty can help. It’s amazing how even small alterations to your face can make a dramatic difference in your feelings of self-worth and your own beauty. Because the nose is the center of your face, it creates harmony and balance when it looks just right — and that’s what rhinoplasty is all about.

Tampa Rhinoplasty FAQ

What is Rhinoplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel?

Rhinoplasty aka nose job, is a popular cosmetic procedure. Many who pursue this procedure do so in hopes of having their nose look more proportional to the rest of their face. Most candidates for a rhinoplasty have suffered from injuries that altered the appearance of their nose. Other patients seek the procedure to fix breathing problems (i.e. a deviated septum) and find relief for their daily lives. Then there are some who just want finer, more appropriate looking nose for their face. All are valid reasons to want to have the procedure.

How long does nose job recovery take?

Dr. Azharian’s goal is to achieve a result that looks as natural as the nose the patient had before. A rhinoplasty involves creating a small incision between or inside the nostrils to reshape the bone and cartilage. Because the surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, you will be able to go home after it’s complete. You can expect the swelling to reduce within 7 to 10 days.

What to expect?

It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your surgical team. When you come in for a consultation for your rhinoplasty in Wesley Chapel, FL it’s important to discuss your ultimate vision. This will allow your surgeon to determine if the procedure is right for you and if they’re right for the job. The possibilities of a rhinoplasty are limited, so you need to be honest about your expectations so the surgeon can be honest with you.

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