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As one ages, it is not uncommon to see thinning or a loss of hair. As long as your hair loss is caused by heredity or age and not by a medical condition, you might be a good candidate for a hair transplant. Hair transplants are a procedure intended to return the fullness and a youthful appearance to your hair.

The procedure uses donor hair follicles that are harvested from the back of the patient’s head. Follicles are collected either in a strip or individually based on the patient’s needs. Once the hair has been harvested, each follicle is transferred and replanted to the balding area. The patient may have to return for more procedures depending on the level of hair loss they have had.

Before the hair transplant, you will meet with Dr. Azharian for a consultation. During the consultation, she will ask you a number of questions regarding your family history with hair loss. She will also talk about your expectations and what you can expect the final result to look like. This will also be the time to ask Dr. Azharian any questions you might have about the procedure.

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