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As you get older, the muscles around your eyes weaken, fat gathers above and below the eyes, and the skin around your eyes stretches — all of which combine to give your eyes a constantly-tired, baggy look that is distinctive to aging. The procedure known as blepharoplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel — or an ‘eye lift’ — can remove those problems in a dramatic fashion. Eye lifts can make your peepers look young and vibrant again, and it’s a fairly simple procedure.

If you:

  • Have loose skin hanging down from your upper eyelids
  • Have a puffy appearance to your upper eyelids, especially in the morning
  • Have excess skin and fine wrinkles around the lower eyelids
  • Have bags and/or dark circles under your eyes
  • Have an indentation along the bony ridge below your lower eyelids
  • Have droopy lower eyelids that show the white of your eyes below your iris

Blepharoplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel can help your eyes look healthy again.

Eye lifts in Tampa can correct all of these and more, though in some extreme cases other treatments may need to be considered. For example, if your eyebrows are sagging, a forehead lift may be necessary to complete the desired effect — or if your crow’s feet are particularly craggy, a chemical peel or laser resurfacing can finish the job that blepharoplasty started.


Tampa Blepharoplasty Surgery

The eye lift begins with a careful incision hidden within the natural fold of the upper eyelid, used to remove excess skin and fatty tissue. Because the cut is hidden within the contour of the eyelid, it’s virtually invisible once healed. A similar cut is made in the folds of the lower eyelid that extend into the crow’s feet, and excess skin and fat is removed from below the eye — or, if the skin is fine and only fat needs to be removed, a tiny liposuction incision can be made along the inside of lower eyelid, eliminating visible scars altogether.

Eye Lift Surgery Recovery

The first few days after blepharoplasty, patients generally report feeling tightness around their eyes, and some mild discomfort along with varying degrees of bruising and swelling. Some find that the swelling persists for a couple of months, while others report it going down in as little as a week. Bruising almost always vanishes within ten days. Stitches, if any were necessary, are removed within a week of surgery, and can be concealed with makeup in the meantime.

Patients report looking more rested, refreshed, alert, and younger — and many report feeling as good as they look.

Eyelid Surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, FL is usually performed as an outpatient procedure at a surgical center, where you will be able to go home on the same day of your procedure. Most individuals notice that the swelling and bruising of the surgical area resolves in about 7-10 days.

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