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How nipple reduction can help you achieve the optimal results

Having excessively large nipples can be embarrassing for some women. It eliminates certain clothing options out of fear the nipples may show through. Whether or not the enlargement is solitary or associated with large, sagging, or tubular breasts, nipple reduction in Tampa and Wesley Chapel can be a crucial part of breast enhancement surgery. It’s like a cherry on top of a sundae, nipple reduction can be the final detail needed to achieve the optimal result.

Possible causes of enlarged nipples and the solution

In response to the release of hormones during pregnancy and puberty, it is normal for the nipples to darken and become enlarged. Usually, the growth in nipple size during pregnancy increases if the mother breastfeeds, and will linger after lactation ends. Men who experience abnormally large nipples are usually afflicted with gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement. Nipple reduction can be done in the office. It is a simple outpatient procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with a short recovery period.


Tampa nipple reduction surgery reduces the nipple to a more normal size that is proportionate with your breasts. This corrective procedure can be performed on men or women, and may be combined with other reconstructive surgeries such as breast lift or reduction, areola reduction, or gynecomastia reduction.  In rare situations, nipple reduction in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, FL can be performed during inverted nipple correction.

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During your initial consultation, Dr. Azharian will address all of your questions, assess your situation, and discuss the details of the nipple reduction procedure.

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