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How can a breast too large for my frame affect my well being?

Women with large breasts are often presented with a host of health conditions. Carrying heavy breasts can lead to poor posture, chronic neck or back pain, chafing and soreness beneath the breasts, and sometimes chronic skin infection can develop. Issues with irritated skin are even more bothersome in warmer temperatures. This is why you should consider Breast Reduction Tampa Bay if you feel that your well being is being affected by large breasts.

breast reduction Tampa Bay

How can breast reduction Tampa Bay help me?

There is relief available through breast reduction surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, FL. This common cosmetic procedure eliminates excess tissue, skin, and fat in the breast to lighten the load and improve proportion. To enhance the shape and youthful appearance of the breast, the nipple and areola are repositioned to a more appropriate location during surgery.

Tampa breast reduction surgery is often performed to bring about a more balanced look to asymmetrical breasts. It is common for a breast lift to be used in conjunction with a breast reduction in Wesley Chapel. The quality of life can be restored following surgery. Patients enjoy relieve from chronic pain, they are able to exercise and move more freely, they have more clothing options, and self-esteem is much improved.


Breast Reduction Consultation in Tampa Available

During your initial consultation, Dr. Azharian will discuss your goals, what to expect before, during and after the procedure of breast reduction in Wesley Capel, and answer all of your questions.


What kind of breast reduction in Tampa do I need?

If you have medium-large to very large breasts, a vertical reduction may be the right kind of breast reduction for you. With a vertical reduction, even very large breasts can be raised up, with more of the volume focused on the upper contour, eliminating ‘udder syndrome’ and giving the breasts a more desirable form. Vertical breast reductions use a ‘lollipop’ incision around the areola and down to the base of the breast — by skipping the long horizontal scar along the crease of the breast, they reduce recovery time significantly.

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