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Learn about your Breast Reconstruction Tampa Bay options and improve your quality of life

Women who suffer the loss of a breast as the result of breast cancer treatment often endure significant psychological consequences. The may have low self-esteem and not feel like a whole person. Many believe they are no longer physically attractive. Breast reconstruction surgery either immediately following a mastectomy or at a later date can restore confidence and self-worth.

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, FL can be difficult. It is important for candidates to gather all the necessary information available about the different types of breast reconstruction that are currently being offered.


The Types of Breast Reconstruction Tampa Bay

There are two main types of Breast Reconstruction Tampa Bay, one which involves the placement of implants to create a breast mound and another method where the reconstruction involves the transfer of the patient’s own body tissues to the chest wall, to be used to create a breast mound.

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Dr. Azharian is an experienced reconstructive plastic surgeon who will provide all of the answers you will need during your initial consultation and devise the best plan of action for your situation. As part of the treatment process, Dr. Azharian will work together with your surgical oncologist from the planning stage through your recovery to ensure optimal Breast Reconstruction Tampa Bay results.

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