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Breast Lift Tampa Bay – The Causes of Sagging Breasts

Due to the aging process and certain life events, breasts can lose their youthful fullness and appear saggy. Pregnancy is a wonderful and joyous time in a woman’s life, and breastfeeding provides priceless bonding. Unfortunately, both of these wonderful privileges can take quite a toll on the mother’s body.  Most women don’t bounce back to their previous shape. Women who achieve significant weight loss may also feel their accomplishment is bittersweet. Success may be hindered by all of the excess loose skin and saggy breasts due to tissue loss. Over time breasts lose firmness and flatten. This can result in a feeling of low self-esteem and a perceived loss of feminine attractiveness. This is the perfect time to consider Breast Lift Tampa Bay.

How can Breast Lift Tampa Bay Help me?

Breast Lift Tampa Bay and Wesley Chapel, FL: It can help you improve your self-confidence by restoring the aesthetic appearance of the breasts. Dr. Azharian designs a personalized breast lift procedure for each patient. She is highly skilled at reshaping breasts, realigning nipples and reducing the areola size. For women looking to increase their cup size or those who want more volume, breast augmentation can be performed in combination with a lift.

Breast Lift Tampa Bay consultation and evaluation is available!

During your initial consultation Dr. Azharian will present all of the options available, she will conduct a personal evaluation and together you will both determine the most suitable procedure that would best fit your goals and expectations.

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Breast Lift Tampa Bay surgery is typically an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia at a surgical center. Patients are able to return home on the same day.


Breast Lift Tampa Bay and Wesley Chapel FAQ

Is Mastopexy (aka Breast Lift Tampa Bay) The Right Procedure for My Breasts?

Breasts that have lost their shape and firmness; breasts that are sagging — these are the breasts that can use a minimal-scar breast lift. Over time, every breast changes, almost always toward more droop and less bounce. Skin loses it’s elasticity, muscles weaken, tendons stretch — the breast lift is the operation that changes all of that.

Many patients who come for this kind of breast lift are unhappy because they’ve lost some amount of breast volume over time. In these cases, a breast lift in conjunction with a small implant can restore lost volume and improve shape and position of the breasts at the same time. Whether performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation or alone, a breast lift can enhance the appearance of your breasts — and thus your self-confidence and desire to be seen.

You may opt in for Tampa Breast Lift If you have:

  • Breasts that are the right size, but too droopy
  • Breasts that aren’t as firm or voluminous as you’d like
  • Nipples and/or areola that point downward or are positioned below the midline of the breast
  • Breasts that fluctuate in size over time

What is the Tampa Breast Lift Surgery Procedure Like?

A Breast Lift Tampa Bay can be done a few different ways, but the most common at our clinic is the ‘short scar’ breast lift, where a ‘lollipop’ incision goes around the areola and down the underside of the breast to the base. The excess breast skin is removed, and the nipple and areola can be reshaped and moved to a higher position. If desired, the areola can be made smaller. Skin from above the areola is moved down and together to reshape the breast.

In most cases, the nipple and areola remain attached to the underlying tissue, maintaining sensitivity and the ability to breast-feed.

What is Tampa Breast Lift Recovery Like?

Breast lift surgery generally takes less than two hours. When the surgery is over, you’ll be moved to a recovery area where you can be monitored. If necessary, drain tubes will be placed into the incisions on the underside of your breasts so that accumulating fluids can drain; they’ll be removed within 48 hours. Your breasts will be wrapped in gauze and then in a surgical bra.

Any pain you experience should be mild and treatable with typical over-the-counter pain medications. For the first 24 hours, you’ll want an adult’s supervision. For the first two months, you’ll wear only a soft cotton bra with no underwire, so the breasts can assume their ‘new normal’ position and shape. Most patients return to work within a week after the Breast Lift Tampa Bay surgery.

The most common result of a breast lift surgery is a more youthful looking set of breasts, which increases both body confidence and self-esteem.

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