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Breast Enhancement, Enlargement, Augmentation – Breast Implants Tampa Bay

Breast Implants Tampa Bay & Wesley Chapel, FL are used to alter the shape, size and symmetry of a patient’s breasts. This sought-after cosmetic procedure is performed to address a variety of aesthetic and medical issues by providing:

  • enlarged size and better contour for women with small breasts;
  • Improved breast symmetry;
  • enhanced shape and added volume following surgery, pregnancy or nursing;
  • breast lift with a minimal drop;
  • a means to repair congenital breast defects.
Breast Implants Tampa Bay

Breast Implants Tampa Bay


Before the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once you decide to go forward with the procedure, the process begins with a pre-operative consultation. During this visit, Dr. Azharian will perform an exam and discuss breast augmentation options with you, such as different types of implants and sizes, incision location, and both pre- and post-operative expectations.

Breast Implants in Tampa and Wesley Chapel – The Selection Process

The implant selection process is both an art and a science. You will collaborate with Dr. Azharian from the initial consultation to achieve your specific goals. The result of your breast augmentation should be long lasting, look natural, and have minimal impact on the soft tissues.

There are many variables to consider when choosing the right implant. It should be the appropriate height and width for your chest. The breast implant volume needs to be the correct cup size that you desire, yet it should not over stretch the breast tissues. Too much stretching can lead to problems over time. Implants are available in round or anatomical shapes. Lastly, the most commonly used implant type today contains a cohesive silicone gel enclosed in a smooth or textured shell.

Dr. Azharian is also one of a few plastic surgeons in Tampa who offers the option of newest highly cohesive shaped silicone implants.


How is Tampa Breast Augmentation Performed:

In Wesley Chapel and Tampa breast augmentation is typically performed under general anesthesia at a surgical center as an outpatient procedure.  Patients are allowed to return home on the same day.  Most patients return to work with a week and are able to resume light daily activities.

Breast Enhancement Consultation in Tampa:

Every patient receives a customized treatment plan designed to make her vision a reality. Dr. Azharian works with each patient at Magnolia Plastic Surgery Center to achieve the best results based on her goals, anatomy, lifestyle and reasonable expectations.

Breast Augmentation in Tampa FAQ

What can breast augmentation do for you?

Breast Augmentation in Tampa and Wesley Chapel will improve the size, shape, and/or symmetry of your breasts. Women who wish to have larger, fuller breasts for any reason — whether they’re simply underdeveloped, or have lost bust size due to pregnancy or losing weight — can undergo Breast Implants Tampa Bay surgery to achieve the desired aesthetic look.

When you should consider breast augmentation in Tampa Area?

If you:

  • Have small breasts
  • Have extra skin on or around your breasts due to sudden shrinkage,
  • Have breasts that have not developed evenly
  • Are in good health and free of breast disease

Then Tampa breast augmentation may be right for you!

What does standard Breast Implants Tampa Bay surgery involve?

An inconspicuous incision is made underneath the breast, and implants are inserted either on top of or underneath the pectoral muscle. Underneath is generally the preferred location, as it results in a better look and feel to the resulting breasts. The doctor will discuss the ideal implant location and other options including final breast size with you during the initial consultation.

Is it possible to “try on” breast implants?

While many plastic surgeons are opting for completely digital models of what your new breasts will look like, Dr. Azharian believes that there’s nothing quite like seeing it with your own eyes. That’s why we offer breast implant try-ons, where you can, while wearing a properly-sized bra and T-shirt, put on variously sized ‘implants’ that will show you what your bust could look and feel like at a variety of sizes.

What Are Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants and how are they different from Saline Implants?

With cohesive silicone implants approved by the FDA, patients have new options that they can use to get the breasts they truly desire. Traditional silicone implants had problems with shell rapture + leaking of silicone content, but Cohesive Gel silicone is a solid material that cannot leak and feels more like a natural breast.

Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants in Tampa:

  • Feel much more like a natural breast
  • Do not ripple or cause wrinkles like saline implants
  • Weigh less than saline for the same size
  • Require a larger incision than saline implants because they are pre-filled
  • Typically do not leak in the event of shell rapture.

Saline Implants in Tampa:

  • Can be inserted through smaller incisions, and through incisions that are distant from the breasts.
  • Cause no health risks if they leak, as your body simply absorbs the saline.
  • Can be adjusted to improve symmetry by adding or removing fluid from the implants.

What is the recovery from Breast Implants Tampa Bay surgery like?

Breast Implants Tampa Bay surgery generally takes 1-2 hours. The first 24 hours of recovery, you’ll want an adult with you. Your breasts will look larger initially due to swelling, but will assume their new size and position over time as swelling resolves. Most patients can go back to work about a week after surgery; more strenuous activities will have to wait six weeks or more. For the first two months, you’ll need to wear a surgical bra without an under wire, to allow the implants to assume their new normal position.

The most significant reported result of breast augmentation surgery is higher self-esteem and increased body confidence.

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