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Why You Should Look Into Tampa Body Contouring Surgery Options

Our bodies go through many changes in life. At Magnolia Plastic Surgery Center we are a firm believer that good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle prepare your body to face all the changes it comes across. Pregnancy, massive weight loss, heredity and aging sometimes leave us with stubborn problem areas that are non-responsive to natural measures, but can be improved with Body Contouring in Tampa Bay and Wesley Chapel, FL.

Massive weight loss or pregnancy can leave your abdominal area with loose sagging skin. In addition, after pregnancy most women notice diastasis or laxity of their abdominal muscles. This laxity can vary in severity from person to person. With a body contouring procedure in Wesley Chapel, FL such as tummy tuck, Dr. Azharian, will not only remove the loose skin of the abdominal area but will also tighten the muscles to give you a tight, flat abdomen.


Some individuals have stubborn pockets of fat, which no amount of exercise seems to resolve. Most common areas of stubborn fat in men are the mid section and love handles and in women are the midsection, waist, and inner and outer thighs. Contouring your body in Tampa and Wesley Chapel with Liposuction is a great way to remove these pockets of stubborn fat. If loose skin more than fat is the concern, specially, in the thighs and arms, then skin excision of these areas known as arm lift or thigh lift is the procedure of choice.


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Dr. Azharian carefully modifies or combines these Body contouring procedures Wesley Chapel, FL as well as other body sculpting surgical procedures to customize a treatment plan which meets your particular body contouring needs.

Here are a few ways we sculpt and contour your body in Tampa & Wesley Chapel, FL

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