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Breast Augmentation Dade City

Breast augmentation Dade City FL has become one of the most popular procedures Dr. Azharian performs.  Women may desire improvements in breast size and/or contour.  Differences in size and shape between the two sides may also be addressed with surgery.  Patients may have experienced changes in their breasts following pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss.  A 2 hour procedure may provide a significant improvement in a person’s self-image.

The technology of breast enlargement has improved significantly over the past few decades with a greater choice of new generations of safer, more reliable implants.  Breast implants all have an inert or nonreactive silicone wall which will contain either a silicone gel material or saline (salt water).

Both basic implants have advantages and disadvantages and Dr. Azharian will help you with your decision by reviewing these with your particular situation in mind.  Different silicone gels are available, such as the so-call “gummy bear” breast implants which are more cohesive or stickier and are more likely to retain its shape over time.   Implant costs vary and these will be reviewed with you at your consultation.

Incision sites may vary but are most commonly placed in the fold under the breast to minimize the risks of sensory changes or infection.  Visibility of the scars is usually minimized in this location.  Most sutures will dissolve but any other suture removal will be completed within a week.  Most women are back to light work within a week’s time.  Return to workouts is more gradual over the ensuing 2 months.

Other cosmetic conditions, such as nipple inversion, may be corrected at the time of surgery after ruling out an underlying cause.  Some patients may benefit from a breast uplift at the time of augmentation.  These procedures may comprise an important part of the “mommy makeover” creating an overall dramatic improvement in one’s figure!

The goal of breast augmentation Dade City FL for most women isn’t necessarily to become as large breasted as possible, but rather to enjoy a figure more appropriate to their body stature.  Whether they want to enjoy the Florida sun while feeling more comfortable in a bathing suit, or just have a greater level of confidence in and out of clothes, many women opt for this approach as it provides a very high level of satisfaction. Breast augmentation Dade City is performed as an outpatient surgery in our surgery center.


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