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What are the Benefits of Abdominoplasty: The Pros of Tummy Tuck in Tampa

Abdominoplasty in Tampa aka tummy tuck is the process of removing fat in the lower abdominal region. In addition to removing fat, the abdominal muscles are tightened. As a result, the belly does not hang out even while bending or sitting. It is essential to consult with your physician to find out if you are a good candidate for Tampa Tummy tuck. Dr. Azharian will look over your medical records and general health, and discuss them with you to decide if you are healthy enough for surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Preparation:

Before undergoing surgery, it’s important to take some precautionary measures recommended by your doctor.  These include getting plenty of rest and sleep, eating a healthy, nutritious diet to strengthen your immune system, and drinking plenty of water. All of these measures must be taken beginning a few weeks before your surgery, and will ensure that you have a swift recovery with minimal complications.

The cost of the surgery will vary. In some cases, there may be additional charges to prepare for. You should consult your insurance company to know if they offer coverage for abdominoplasty.

Benefits of Tampa Tummy Tuck

There are many benefits associated with Tampa’s abdominoplasty. Many people undergo this procedure, and it is becoming more and more popular every year.

Here are just some of the many benefits associated with tummy tuck in Tampa:

  • Obesity and subsequent weight loss can result in sagging skin. Obesity cripples the routine activities of many people, and many make a decision to get rid of all the excess fat. Sudden loss of weight results in folds and wrinkles of extra skin, and even the muscles can become relaxed. Abdominoplasty in Tampa can fix both of these problems by tightening the skin and muscles of the stomach.
  • Pregnancy can stretch the skin of the stomach and cause stretch marks. This can easily be overcome with abdominoplasty, often called a “tummy tuck.” Stretch marks that occur between the belly button and the pubic area are usually eliminated after abdominoplasty.
  • The normal process of aging results in sagging skin. Abdominoplasty can help you look younger by tightening loose abdominal skin.
  • You can fit in any dress! Wear the clothes you like the most and your stomach will go unnoticed no matter what you wear.
  • Having a bulging stomach makes you look older than you actually are. By having abdominoplasty, you can regain that youthful appearance.
  • Without heavy abdominal skin, it will be easier for you to lead an active lifestyle. You can walk or run easily without unnecessary strain.
  • A heavy abdomen is a major cause of back pain for many people. With abdominoplasty, it is possible to reduce back pain.
21356202 - portrait of brunette beautiful woman relaxing on vacation day at the beach.

21356202 – portrait of brunette beautiful woman relaxing on vacation day at the beach.

Tummy Tuck Difference

Many people think that the procedure of abdominoplasty in Tampa  and liposuction in Tampa are the same procedure, but they are actually vastly different. With liposuction, it’s only possible to get rid of excess fat. You can’t tighten the abdominal muscles as you can with abdominoplasty.

Though tummy tuck in Tampa is a safe procedure, some people do develop complications such as the formation of blood clots, infections, and a slow healing process. Another side effect of abdominoplasty is a permanent scar after surgery.

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