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The Facts About Breast Reduction in Tampa and Wesley Chapel

Breast reduction in Tampa and Wesley Chapel is a type of breast surgery where some of the breast tissue and skin is removed from the breasts to improve their shape and reduce size. It’s also possible to reduce the circle of dark skin around the nipple.

During the procedure the surgeon makes one or more cuts in the breast in order to remove tissue and skin. The stitches are applied to close the skin after the tissue and skin have been removed, sometimes the nipple and areola area are removed and repositioned.

Sometimes a surgeon will use liposuction to remove excess fat along with the surgery.

Typically a general anesthesia is used to do breast reduction and the procedure is performed in a surgical center. The surgery usually takes up to 3-5 hours. The overnight stay is usually not needed. A local anesthesia may be used for smaller breast reductions.

Breast Lift in Tampa is another type of surgery similar to breast reduction. The main difference is that in breast lift many times only excess skin is removed, therefore raising sagging or dropping breasts which is a regular issue with large and heavy breasts. It is performed to elevate nipple and areola.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Gauze will be placed to cover incisions and elastic bandage will be used to wrap the breasts immediately after the breast reduction surgery. Sometimes a small drainage tube will be placed in the breasts to drain fluids and blood for the first few days. The stitches are removed after 1-2 weeks.

Some breast pain will be felt the first few days after the surgery by most women. There will be some mild discomfort for up to one week. A pain medication may be used to get relief.

There will be some swelling and bruising which is a part of the healing process and may last for a few weeks. The patient will be given a surgical bra to be worn 24 hours a day which will help reduce swelling and allow support for breasts during the healing process.

You should avoid any heavy exercise and strenuous activities for about 4 weeks weeks, but will likely be able to resume your normal social life and work within two weeks. It’s important to wear a bra that is able to support your breasts well such as an athletic bra.

After the healing from breast reduction surgery is over, there will be some visible scarring on your breasts, which almost always can be covered with a bra or swimsuit.  Scars will fade with time, but not completely disappear.

What is Breast Reduction in Tampa For?

Weight, size and firmness change is the primary goals of breast reduction surgery in Tampa.

Opting for a breast reduction may be done one or more of the following reasons:

  • To achieve a better comfort as large and breasts can cause back and beck pain, skin irritation and posture issues. Bra straps may cause pain due to constant pill of heavy breasts. Breast reduction in Tampa can take care of all these problems in most cases.
  • Large and heavy breasts please limitations on your ability to participate in sports and other activities. Some physical activities can be hard, painful or feel awkward. Breast reduction can solve this problem for many women.
  • Large breasts that are not in proportion with the rest of the body may feel embracing for teenagers and young women. It may be hard to find the clothing and swimsuits that fit well. Breast reduction can help fix this problem.

How to Start?

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