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Mommy Makeover in Tampa:  Enhance Your Post-Baby Body

Pregnancy causes the female body to undergo many physical and hormonal changes. After the baby is born, many women struggle to regain their previous figure. For many, diet and exercise aren’t enough and surgery is the only option. This is why Dr. Azharian offers the “mommy makeover” to help mothers get their pre-baby body back.

What is a Mommy Makeover in Tampa?

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A Tampa mommy makeover rejuvenates the post-baby body. Through a combination of various cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Azharian will correct the changes that happened during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Surgeries involved with the mommy makeover often include:

  • Abdominoplasty in Tampa — A procedure performed to carve out excess fat and redefine the muscles in the abdomen, that tend to stretch during the nine months of pregnancy.
  • Breast Enhancement in Tampa — A procedure performed to enhance the fullness of the breasts lost during breastfeeding.
  • Breast Lift Tampa — A procedure performed to increase the “perkiness” of the breasts, which tend to sag after milk production ends.
  • Tampa Liposuction — A less invasive procedure to remove excess fat accumulated throughout the pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover in Tampa Benefits

Although women are overjoyed by the birth of their new baby, many also feel self conscious of how the experience changed their appearance. That’s why Dr. Barone and her team focus on the individual experience. They give each new mother the best experience by choosing the procedures that will meet her expectations.

Many women who’ve had the procedure have noticed the benefits. Mother’s love their new, sexy shape and perkier breast, but most importantly, they love the boost of confidence they have after the procedure. Every woman deserves to feel attractive and confident in her appearance, and Dr. Barone wants to help.

Tampa Mommy Makeover Risks

As with any surgery, it’s beneficial to know the risks involved. Although these side effects are rare, they have happened to patients in the past. Risks can include:

  • Blood clots – Surgeries can increase the risk of blood clots.
  • Infection – An infection can occur after surgery if the incisions are not properly cleaned.
  • Nerve Damage – Loss of feeling in areas impacted by the surgery if a nerve was punctured.
  • Excessive Bleeding – If a blood vessel was severed during the surgery, there is a chance excessive bleeding will occur even after the incision in closed.
  • Fluid Buildup- Fluid buildup around the incision is common but is treatable through the use of drainage tubes.

The best way to reduce the risks of surgery is to choose a plastic surgeon with a reputation you can trust. The surgery would be performed by Dr. Azharian, who is an experienced surgeon with a long history of keeping her patients safe during the operation. Dr. Azharian’s facility is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical tools that help ensure each procedure is performed with exact precision. When you choose Magnolia Plastic Surgery, you are choosing a team who will work hard to reduce the risk of your mommy makeover in Tampa.

Schedule Consultation Today!

To learn more about the mommy makeover, contact Dr. Azharian’s office to schedule a consultation. You will get to meet with Dr. Azharian and ask her any and all questions you have about the procedures and tell her your ultimate goal.

Having a baby is an amazing experience but it leads to extreme changes in your appearance. Moms in Tampa who choose a makeover can help regain the pre-baby body and help you feel sexy and confident once again.

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