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Breast Augmentation Tampa Bay

Let’s talk about one of the top rated cosmetic procedures on the market and one of the most popular among women of all ages: breast augmentation surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel. In 2016 breast augmentation became the most performed cosmetic surgery in the U.S. If you like wearing bikinis, tops or lingerie breast augmentation Tampa Bay can help your breasts look fuller and more appealing.

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Breast Augmentation Tampa Bay – Implants Types

Saline and silicone are two main types of breast implants that are used with breast augmentation surgery.

Saline Implants are filled with saline water and have a silicone shell. They are a less expensive option of breast implants, but they don’t look and feel as natural as the silicone based implants. There is a chance that saline implants may fail and leak while silicone implants are considered less prone to raptures. Silicone filled implants today are made with a cohesive gel which makes it much more durable and less prone to raptures than the older models of silicone implants. The name “gummy bear” implants comes from the fact that the new generation cohesive gel implants will stay intact even when cut into halves. The newest generation gel implants feel and look much more natural than their earlier counterparts.

Here are some important factors when considering breast augmentation is Tampa and Wesley Chapel:

1) The incision of implant placement is one important factor to consider with a breast augmentation. The best location of the incision for breast augmentation is right at the bottom of the breast tissue in the breast crease. Incisions through the nipple are undesirable because of a possibility of disruption of lymphatics, mammary glands, ducts and blood vessels. Armpit incisions have some limitations due to the location further away from the breast that proves it harder to position both implants symmetrically to each other with some risks of inframammary fold failure. When implants are done through the armpit incision there will be a new set of incisions required in the future to change the old implants with a new set of implants. Therefore, breast crease incisions are the most commonly used in breast augmentation and greatly reduce all of the issues mentioned above.

2) The placement of your breast implant is another important factor. it’s most optimal to place the implants under the pictorials (chest) muscle. Pictorials provide a better coverage of the implant. The pictorial muscle contracts each time together with the arm movement and that helps to massage the implant which in turn reduces the risk of “capsular contracture“. This massage of the implants will keep them feeling soft.

3) It’s wise to rest for 3 to 5 days after the breast augmentation surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel and stay away from any intensive activities for one month. Use your common sense to make sure to allow your body to heal after your breast augmentation surgery.

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