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5 Facts About Tummy Tuck in Tampa and Wesley Chapel

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The tummy tuck procedure is designed to remove the excess skin and fat and tighten the abdominal muscles to produce a flat toned core and a slick figure. It is often used when a healthy diet and exercise do not produce the desired result that a woman wants.

If you are looking to get an abdominoplasty done we encourage you to learn about the procedure as much as you can by reading the five facts below.

Choosing The Right Tummy Procedure

There are a few tummy procedures. A mini tummy tuck targets the lower abs area to tighten the skin. This procedure removes excess skin and tightens the muscles lying underneath. The full procedure focuses on the entire lower torso. Dr. Anahita Azharian will help you determine which procedure is best suited to fulfill your goals.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

The recovery will last up to three weeks because abdominoplasty is an extensive surgery and takes longer time for recovery than other cosmetic surgeries. Abdominoplasty recovery time can be compared with the one for a C-section. You might need some assistance for up to 5 days depending on how extensive your tummy tuck surgery was. You will require some pain medication and rest while your body is healing from the surgery.

Tummy Tuck And Weight Loss

Abdominoplasty is not designed for fat loss. In fact you need to lose excessive weight before undergoing the tummy tuck surgery. The surgeon will not be able to resolve any long-standing issues with overweight. If you have recently lost a lot of weight, you should check that you weight is stable for up to 6-12 months before the surgery.

Abdominoplasty Long Term Results

The good news is that the tummy tuck results are there to stay. But in order to maintain the results the diet needs to be in check to avoid large weight fluctuations.

The report from American Society of Plastic Surgeons dated 2013 pointed out that many of the abdominoplasty subjects sustained log lasting weight loss after the procedure.

Tummy Tuck for Men

Men can benefit from tummy tuck procedure just like women. Men just like women suffer from loose ab muscles and lose skin that are hard to improve with diet and exercise. The procedure can be offered to those who have lost a lot of excess weight to bring back the slick figure.


Tummy tuck can be beneficial for you in many ways: tighter abdominal muscles, better fitting clothes, and improved self-esteem. Tummy tuck could be a perfect gift for yourself after the child bearing days are over and it’s time to reclaim your youthful appearance.

How to get started?

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